The menu  The Grand Véfour’s lunch

The Grand Véfour’s lunch.

Only at lunch service : a menu with entrée, meal, cheese and dessert - 115 €

Throughout the seasons, the Grand Véfour’s menu is updated, while keeping all of Guy Martin’s classic recipes.

Guy Martin proposes


Yellow belt pepper and pineapple soup with Basque pimiento

Pearly mediterranean amberjack and in tartare, crunchy vegetables with citrus juice

Duck liver terrine, cucumber condiment, tomato and raisins, herbs and Dijon mustard juice

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Meats / Fishes

Brill filet in a tomato crust, melting fennel slice, vegetables consommé with Konbu

Pikeperch cooked on the skin, eryngii mushrooms, thin corn pastas and turmeric

Panfried duckling filet rubbed with mild pepper, sucrine salad and stir-fried vegetables

Selection of farm cheeses from France and Savoy region

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Raspberries on a rosemary « opaline », light ginger cream and bergamot

Rhubarb prepared in different ways, thin crispy flaky, buttermilk sherbet and sage

Araguani bitter chocolate mousse on hazelnut pastry with caramel ice cream and a sprinkle of Guerande sea salt

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