The menu  The Grand Véfour’s lunch

The Grand Véfour’s lunch.

Only at lunch service : a menu with entrée, meal, cheese and dessert - 115 €

Throughout the seasons, the Grand Véfour’s menu is updated, while keeping all of Guy Martin’s classic recipes.

Guy Martin proposes


Bouillon of olive-oil-flavored zucchini, sour sliced yellow zucchini with iced wasabi

Slices of sea bass on boulgour salad, cauliflower and sour onions, roasted buckwheat

Duck liver terrine with condimented tomato and cucumber

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Meats / Fishes

Filet of lamb, minced zucchini and basil, juice of caper and of anchovy".

Roasted breast and drumstick of Chicken Bresse with crispy skin.

Crispy sweetbread with brocolleto in two ways and two kinds of peas with thick juice

Selection of farm cheeses from France and Savoy region

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Fresh strawberries and basil-flavored white fresh cheese on a cookie

Mango and passion fruit in a glass with galangal and lemon cookie

Milk chocolate mousse on hazelnut pastry, caramel ice-cream and Guérande sea salt

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