Photographie de Guy Martin Photographie du Grand Véfour

Guy Martin- Guy Martin, a Michelin-starred chef

Born in Savoie, self-educated and man of passion,

Guy Martin marvels about everything and feeds his inspiration with many surprising sources : travel memories, colours, sensations, flavours, which inspire him with classic recipes that are both inventive and cheerful, with tasteful associations and delicate flavours.

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Le Grand Véfour- A gastronomical restaurant in Paris

« Jewel of the 18th century "art décoratif"

located in the heart of Paris - next to the Gardens of the "Palais Royal" - Le Grand Véfour has been the finest gourmet rendez-vous of the Parisian political, artistic and literary society for more than 200 hundred years. » » Offer
Parisian winter ride in Guy Martin Restaurants
Exceptional opening for dinner on Saturday, February 13th and March, 19th

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