The menu  The Grand Véfour’s lunch

The Grand Véfour’s menu.

A “menu plaisir” to discover Guy Martin’s cooking is available (315 € per guest).

Throughout the seasons, the Grand Véfour’s menu is updated, while keeping all of Guy Martin’s classic recipes.

Guy Martin proposes


Duck liver raviolis, truffles emulsion cream 98 €

Milk chocolate mousse on hazelnut pastry, caramel ice-cream and Guérande sea salt 36 €

Pigeon roast in bécasse way with truffe juice 128 €

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Whole cooked duck liver, candied quince in a tangy compote 98 €

Lightly sautéed langoustines in pumpkin stock, “cappuccino” of reduced shellfish juice 96 €

Crab meat with a hint of gingerin a slice of sour white radish, squid ink and mayonnaise 75 €

Osciètre caviar (10g), buckwheat pancake 84€

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Thick slice of lightly cooked turbot, preserved Roscoff onions, Sarawak (black pepper) emulsion 126 €

Blue lobster roasted in its shell, pureed parsley root, full-bodied lobster shell reduction sauce 118 €

Filet of John Dory dusted with finely powdered celery leaf, drizzled with red beet root coulis 126 €

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Roast lamb filet in a cacao crust, salsify and walnuts, cacao infused lamb juice 99 €

Pulled ox tail topped with puréed potatoes perfumed with truffles 126 €

Crispy veal sweetbreads, heliantis root with wild mustard seeds and Dijon mustard 126 €

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Manjari chocolate cube filled with guava and marshmallow served with lemon sherbet, caramelized peanuts and puff pastry shortbread 40 €

Baked arlettes apples served with juniper berry infused ice cream 34 €

Artichoke « crème brûlée”, candied vegetables, bitter almond sherbet 36 €

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