The menu  The Grand Véfour’s lunch

The Grand Véfour’s menu.

A “menu plaisir” to discover Guy Martin’s cooking is available (315 € per guest).

Throughout the seasons, the Grand Véfour’s menu is updated, while keeping all of Guy Martin’s classic recipes.

Guy Martin proposes


Duck liver raviolis, truffles emulsion cream 98 €

Truffles parmentier of shredded oxtail 112 €

Milk chocolate mousse on hazelnut pastry, caramel ice-cream and Guérande sea salt 36 €

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Duck liver terrine, pumpkin and kumquat slowly cooked with olive oil and Espelette pimiento 98 €

Blue lobster served lukewarm, carrot condiment with orange zest, crunchy vegetables with ginger 118 €

Pan garden snails, thin chestnut purée and black garlic, oscietra caviar 110 €

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Roasted blue lobster, acidulated and mashed kohlrabi Brussels sprouts, shell juice 118 €

Sole filets cooked in a foaming butter, quinoa like a risotto and in emulsion, roasted celery leaves 126 €

Pan sea scallops, red beetroot prepared in three different ways 135 €

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Filet of lamb, parsley root in thin purée and butternut marrow gnocchi, Jamaica pimiento juice 99 €

Roasted breast of chicken Bresse, black truffle and carrot perfumed with coffee 126 €

Crispy sweetbread, smoked “ratte” potato and roasted leek 102 €

Selection of farm cheeses from France and Savoy region 32 €

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Manjari chocolate « cube », orange in Timut pepper infusion on a chestnut cookie 40 €

Chayote and caramelized quince, on a coffee sliver short pastry, cardamom sherbet 34 €

Artichoke « crème brûlée », candied vegetables, bitter almonds sherbet 36 €

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