The menu  The Grand Véfour’s lunch

The Grand Véfour’s menu.

A “menu plaisir” to discover Guy Martin’s cooking is available (315 € per guest).

Throughout the seasons, the Grand Véfour’s menu is updated, while keeping all of Guy Martin’s classic recipes.

Guy Martin proposes


Duck « foie gras » raviolis, truffle emulsion cream 98 €

Pigeon Prince Rainier III 128 €

Araguani bitter chocolate mousse on hazelnut pastry with caramel ice cream and a sprinkle of Guerande sea salt 136 €

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Whole cooked duck foie gras, candied muscat grapes and tangy artichoke, frayed duck legs and pistachios 98 €

Warm blue lobster, mashed pumpkin with licorice and orange zest, reduced lobster sauce 118 €

Crab meat seasoned with horseradish in thin slices of taro root, beetroot 75 €

Osciètre caviar (10g), buckwheat pancake 84€

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Crispy Dublin Bay prawns on a sweet potatoes purée, mango and coconut 118 €

Snacked scallops, celeriac and celery in different ways 108 €

John Dory filet fried on the skin, chervil roots, candied shallot 108 €

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Roasted Lozère rack of lamb, kale cabbage chips and as a compote, tapioca pearls with passion fruits 99 €

Oxtail « parmentier » with black truffles 112 €

Lacquered and fried sweetbreads, vegetable roots cooked like a risotto, gnocchi with walnut oil, yellow wine foam 126 €

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Manjari chocolate cube, pineapple with soft spices and like in sherbet, green shiso 40 €

Lemon-tonic water-quince babas, lemon and juniper berries sherbet 34 €

Artichoke « crème brûlée”, candied vegetables, bitter almond sherbet 34 €

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