Le Grand Véfour Bookings

Dining-room and living-room of the Grand Véfour.

Salle restaurant photographie du Grand Véfour

located in the heart of Paris - next to the Gardens of the "Palais Royal" - Le Grand Véfour is the finest gourmet rendez-vous of the Parisian political, artistic and literary society for more than 200 hundred years.

A lovely private, restored and air-conditioned salon is available on the first floor, it can welcome 8 to 20 guests.

Privatize the salon
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A place with history.

Salle restaurant photographie du Grand Véfour

A trip through Time.

This restaurant, finest place for gourmet food, is the only one that kept its ancient décor, the same where thousands of gourmets seated down since 1784-1785.

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The cooking.

Each meal, in which tradition meets modernity, is a discovery and a hint towards soon to be shared dreams.